12th May 2017

The Best Defense – DUI

The best defense for DUI charges requires a close evaluation of the facts and applicable law. The focus should begin with a close and detailed evaluation of the police officer’s initial stop of the vehicle. Why? Because a Police must have a valid reason, supported by articulable facts, before your vehicle can be stopped.

IF the stop is unlawful then all evidence obtained by the arresting officer including the: observations of impairment, Results of Sobriety Test and breath results cannot be used against you. We also look at whether the breathalyzer was properly administered by licensed technicians. We watch the video and evaluate their observations together with our client to determine what is the best course of action to take to defend your criminal case.

If you are charged with a DUI and need an attorney, contact Tampa DUI Criminal Defense lawyer Martin Hernandez at 813-229-5353 or www.CriminalDefenseLawyerTampa.com

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