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Why Should I Contact a DUI Lawyer? – DUI Crash Involving Property Damage or Personal Injury Any person who causes property damage or personal injury to another while driving under the influence is guilty of a first degree misdemeanor (not more than $1,000 fine or one-year imprisonment). Crash Involving Serious Bodily Injury Any person who causes…

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Why Should I Hire a Tampa DUI Attorney? If you drink and drive the result may be jail time, loss of your driver’s license, heavy fines, community service, probation, DUI school, and much higher auto insurance rates. Under Florida law, driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages, chemical substances, or controlled substances is one offense,…

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A driving under the influence conviction can be one of the most devastating events that a person can suffer. Conviction can lead to financial ruin, employ-ability issues, and other personal and professional problems. With the potentially catastrophic consequences that a DUI can bring, many people who are facing a conviction invest every possible dollar in…