Tampa DUI / Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer

dui-drivingAn individual is considered drunk if his/her blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is .08% or high. In Florida, driving und the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal under Florida code § 316.193 and punishable by a fines, probation and incarceration. Your first DUI conviction is punishable by a minimum fine of $500 and a maximum fine of $1,000. If you are convicted of DUI with a blood alcohol level (BAL) of .15% or higher, you may be charged a fine up to $2,000.

You should also know that a first-offense DUI conviction can bring the following penalties:

  • Permanent criminal record
  • Up to a year of reporting probation
  • A minimum of 6 months driver’s license suspension
  • A level 1, 12-hour DUI school and any recommended follow-up alcohol treatment or counseling
  • A minimum of 50 hours of community service
  • A minimum 10-day vehicle immobilization or impoundment
  • Hundreds of dollars in court costs and fines
  • Possible ignition interlock device
  • Up to 6 months of possible jail time
  • Increased insurance costs or loss of coverage altogether

Recent 2011 statistics on DUIs:

According to Florida DMV records there were 33,625 DUI convictions in Florida in 2011. Of the 55,722 DUI tickets issued in Florida in 2011 – 9,328 were issued by the FHP, 23,649 were issued by police departments in Florida, and 21,868 were issued by Florida Sheriffs departments.

2010 Florida DUI Convictions in the large Florida Counties

  • Hillsborough County (Tampa)
  • Miami-Dade – (Miami)
  • Duval County – (Jacksonville Area)
  • Pinellas County (St Petersburg)
  • Palm Beach County (West Palm Beach)
  • Orange County (Orlando)
  • Brevard County (Melbourne)
  • Broward County (Fort Lauderdale)
  • 3,256
  • 2,274
  • 2,222
  • 1,824
  • 1,561
  • 1,383
  • 1,072
  • 985

Why Hire Us to Defend Your DUI?

Your case could greatly benefit from the experience and legal knowledge of a DUI attorney. You don’t have to face the harsh punishments and social stigma of having a DUI charge on your record.

handcuffThe lawyers in our firm believe it to be very important that you have a seasoned and knowledgeable Tampa DUI defense lawyer on your side to defend you against your DUI charge.  A conviction will result in what’s called “‘mandatory adjudication.” This means a permanent criminal record which cannot be sealed or expunged.  A conviction can also carry court costs, fines, community service, vehicle immobilization, an ignition interlock device, DUI school, and most important, the loss of your driving privileges and even jail time.

If you drink alcohol and drive you dramatically increase your chance of being in a crash  Furthermore, Tampa Bay, specifically Hillsborough and Pinellas counties, are very aggressive in getting DUI convictions.  Hillsborough county (Tampa Police Department and Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office) have squads that only pursue DUI cases.  Drunk Driving Defense Lawyers The DUI units are highly trained law enforcement officers who specialize in DUI investigations.  These DUI investigators are highly motivated and trained to gather evidence of impairment.  This is where we can help in defending your case.

The Fernandez & Hernandez Firm’s lawyers handle DUI / Drunk driving defense cases throughout the entire Tampa, South Tampa & West Tampa area. Areas we service include Town ‘n’ Country, Brandon, Riverview, West Tampa, West Chase, Hyde Park, Culbreath, West Shore, Palma Ceia, Gulfview, 33635, 33615, 33634, 33626, 33625, 33508, 33509, 33510, 33511,33568, 33569, 33578, 33579 & all of Hillsborough County and the state of Florida.