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We do not condone driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages, but understand that good people make a mistake that could have been avoidable.


Charged with DUI?

We understand that good people make this mistake, but still do not want to lose their entire livelihood over one night’s mistake that will never happen again.  This being said, we recognize that a DUI arrest is one of the most burdensome offenses on otherwise law abiding individuals can make.  We can help.

When you hire our firm, we look at whether you were arrested correctly with regard to procedures and whether there have been errors in testing.  If there have been errors, our legal team will fight for the DUI to be dismissed. We also assist you in mitigating your damages and make this situation cause the least amount of disruption in your life as possible if you hire us within the first 10 days of being arrested (See the 10-day rule).

DUI Defense Tampa, FL

If you want to defend your DUI case, contact a Tampa DUI attorney from our firm at once so that your defense case can be immediately initiated and the necessary actions taken to fight for your freedom, your license and your future. Call 813-229-5353 today.  The more you delay in hiring an attorney, the less that attorney can do to help you out in your situation.

The law firm of Fernandez & Hernandez, LLC, represents those accused of driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs. If you or a loved one has been accused of DUI, contact the law firm of Fernandez & Hernandez, LLC today. – 813.229.5353

The Fernandez & Hernandez Firm’s lawyers handle DUI / Drunk driving defense cases throughout the entire Tampa, South Tampa & West Tampa area. Areas we service include Town ‘n’ Country, Brandon, Riverview, West Tampa, West Chase, Hyde Park, Culbreath, West Shore, Palma Ceia, Gulfview, 33635, 33615, 33634, 33626, 33625, 33508, 33509, 33510, 33511,33568, 33569, 33578, 33579 & all of Hillsborough County and the state of Florida.